Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition

Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition PDF ebook Free

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Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition PDF Download


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By Jeremy Brown (Author), Jay Mazel (Author), Saul Myerson (Author), Robin Choudhury (Author), Andrew Mitchell (Author)

Cardiology Emergencies covers the presentation, investigation, and management of acute cardiac problems that require speedy diagnosis and management. Created as a resource for residents and students, as well as an easy reference guide for physicians, this handbook is organized for quick access and learning.

It is divided into three sections: the first provides acute presentations for quick diagnosis, the second addresses specific conditions, and the third offers clear descriptions of how to perform common practical cardiac procedures. Packed with concisely written summaries and bullet-point information, it is the ideal guide to the practical management of cardiac emergencies.

Product details
  • Paperback:304 pages
  • Publisher:Oxford University Press; 1 edition (December 31, 2010)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0195383656
  • ISBN-13:978-0195383652

Emergency physicians care for patients with any condition that may be encountered in an emergency department. This requires that they know about a vast number of emergencies, some common and many rare. Physicians who have trained in any of the subspecialties— cardiology, neurology, OBGYN and many others—have narrowed their fi elds of study, allowing their patients to benefi t accordingly. The Oxford University Press Emergencies series has combined the very best of these two knowledge bases, and the result is the unique product you are now holding. Each handbook is authored by an emergency physician and a sub-specialist, allowing the reader instant  access to years of expertise in a rapid access patient-centered for- mat. Together with evidence-based recommendations, you will have  access to their tricks of the trade, and the combined expertise and approaches of a sub-specialist and an emergency physician. Patients in the emergency department often have quite different  needs and require different testing from those with a similar emer- gency who are inpatients. These stem from different priorities; in the  emergency department the focus is on quickly diagnosing an undif- ferentiated condition. An emergency occurring to an inpatient may  also need to be newly diagnosed, but usually the information available is more complete, and the emphasis can be on a more focused and in-depth evaluation. The authors of each Handbook have produced a  guide for you wherever the patient is encountered, whether in an out- patient clinic, urgent care, emergency department or on the wards.  A special thanks should be extended to Andrea Seils, Senior Editor for Medicine at Oxford University Press for her vision in bringing this series to press. Andrea is aware of how new electronic media have impacted the learning process for physician-assistants, medical students, residents and fellows, and at the same time she is a fi rm believer in the value of the printed word. This series contains the proof that such a combination is still possible in the rapidly changing world of information technology. Over the last twenty years, the Oxford Handbooks have become an indispensible tool for those in all stages of training throughout the world. This new series will, I am sure, quickly grow to become the standard reference for those who need to help their patients when faced with an emergency.

Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition ebook free
Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition ebook pdf free
Cardiology Emergencies 1st Edition ebook pdf download free

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