Lecture Notes: Oncology 3rd Edition

Lecture Notes: Oncology 3rd Edition PDF ebook FreeLecture Notes: Oncology, 3rd Edition

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By Mark Bower (Author),‎ Jonathan Waxman (Author)

Cancer is one of the most exciting specialties in medicine. This book aspires to convey the authors’ enthusiasm for oncology and this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes is a must for students and trainees.

There has been a revolution in the practice of oncology. The changes are due to amazing advances in basic science, and the development of new drugs and successful immunisation programmes that have followed. Cancer death rates have fallen and this is in part due to radical new treatments, effective screening programmes, and also, as a result of popular movements for change in patient care, and decreased exposure to carcinogens.

Completely revised and updated, this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes describes advances in molecular biology research and highlights the importance of patient perspectives in cancer care. The text includes many new figures and tables, an update of molecular biology and highlights new treatments. With learning objectives and key point summaries in each chapter, Oncology Lecture Notes is an ideal introduction to the biological basis and principles of treatment in oncology.

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  • Series:Lecture Notes
  • Paperback:360 pages
  • Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell; 3 edition (January 19, 2016)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:111884209X
  • ISBN-13:978-1118842096

Cancer is fabulous, and without a doubt, themost interesting and exciting of all themedical specialities. So you were right to buy this book. When the authors of Lecture Notes in Oncology entered specialty training, we were told by our learned professors andmentors that we hadmade great career choices because oncology was at the forefront of the scientific advances in medicine. At that time we were also told by these formidable men, and they were all men because there were no female oncology consultants in that era, that as a result of these advances incurable diseases were now curable. Four cancers were enumerated to encourage our interest in cancer; we were told that lymphoma, testicular cancer, choriocarcinoma and childhood leukaemia were curable.Thenumber of patients cured was, of course, small but this at least was a start. It is with joy that we admit that our teachers were right. It was a start that has led on to a galaxy of incredible treatments that have transformed the lives of patients. Cancer is indeed at the vanguard of modern medicine and changes in our understanding of how cancer cells work at the molecular level have been translated into a plethora of therapies that target these unique defects in cancer cells. But it is not only these sparkling new treatments that are important in reducing cancer mortality. Screening strategies that detect and eliminate early cancers or their precursors  have been developed and prophylactic vaccines that protect us from acquiring cancer- causing infections are available. As a consequence, death rates have fallen in many  common cancers and the stigma of a cancer diagnosis has diminished. Cancer has, of course, become politicized, as the reader of this preface might have noticed. We have the drugs, but in the United Kingdom at least dubious cost–benefit calculations mean that many of the drugs that would help our patients are branded as apparently unaffordable. We would urge the readers of this book to become involved politically and campaign for the right of patients to receive the treatment they need.

Lecture Notes: Oncology 3rd Edition ebook free
Lecture Notes: Oncology 3rd Edition ebook pdf free
Lecture Notes: Oncology 3rd Edition ebook pdf download free

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