The Philosophy of Autism

The Philosophy of Autism PDF ebook FreeThe Philosophy of Autism

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By Jami L. Anderson (Author),‎ Simon Cushing (Author)

This book examines autism from the tradition of analytic philosophy, working from the premise that Autism Spectrum Disorders raise interesting philosophical questions that need to be and can be addressed in a manner that is clear, jargon-free, and accessible. The goal of the original essays in this book is to provide a philosophically rich analysis of issues raised by autism and to afford dignity and respect to those impacted by autism by placing it at the center of the discussion.

Product details
  • Hardcover:240 pages
  • Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (November 15, 2012)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1442217073
  • ISBN-13:978-1442217072

From when our son was about twenty-four months old, until he was twenty- six months old he was enrolled in a nearby Montessori preschool. One day  his teacher and her assistant called Jami in for a meeting. Since all par- ent–teacher meetings for our older son were always happy events, we did not  think this would be anything otherwise, since, if anything, our younger son hit milestones earlier than when our older son did. Our younger son had known his alphabet and could count to one hundred by the time he was twelve months old and by eighteen months old was “coding” his answers to questions. What could be the problem? The teacher did not say anything directly but suggested that he be taken “to a specialist.” Given that other kids  in the class had been known to hit, bite, cry, or have day-long temper tan- trums, whereas our son was a jolly chap quite thrilled with life, happy to be  with others and content with whatever came his way, this suggestion seemed inexplicable. Jami asked, “Is he…slow?” “Oh, no! But he’s not talking— though of course he is just twenty-six months old. But…he is very, very…” At this point, the conversation just…sort of…petered off. We were sitting precariously on tiny chairs, each about eight inches tall, circled around a tiny table. It would have been hilarious except that the subtext of the conversation was so terrifyingly bizarre. Obviously realizing that Jami was not “getting” the point, the teacher plunged onward. “We just feel—don’t we?—that he needs to see a specialist. We think that would be best.” At that they shuffled their papers and that was the end of the meeting. At no point was the term “autism” spoken nor was Jami told what sort of “specialist” to consult. So far, autism had not yet entered our world.

The Philosophy of Autism ebook free
The Philosophy of Autism ebook pdf free
The Philosophy of Autism ebook pdf download free

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