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ECG at a Glance PDF

ECG at a Glance PDF e-books Free

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ECG at a Glance PDF
ECG at a Glance PDF Free Download
ECG at a Glance Ebook


As you are reading this preface, you wish to learn more about the ECG.Many books will try and persuade you that learning how to interpret the ECG is easy, will require little or no effort, and certainly won’t take you long, just a brief read of a short book over a night or two should do it.These views are incorrect. Learning the ECG is difficult, there are many challenges to be overcome, and it will take you a long time before you become competent. As learning takes time and is challenging, ultimately, it is very rewarding.
The basic principle in learning the ECG, as is true for much of medicine, is that you should understand the basics, and then develop this knowledge using individual patients. I hope this book introduces you to the basics, then as it takes you through the many different
examples, you can extract the general principles as you go along. As a guide, I would suggest the following approach to those new to
the ECG:
• Start off by reading the first two chapters to give yourself a very basic introduction to the topic. Take a break for a few days, maybe even longer.
• Re-read the first two chapters, then read and understand the four chapters on the basic properties of the normal ECG. Take another break.
• Read the next 11 chapters in Part 2, first briefly revising the four chapters on the normal ECG. As you go along, rehearse in your own
mind what you have learnt, and in particular try and understand why things are as they are. Ask yourself questions; use the index to look up the answers.
• These initial sections give you a basic understanding of the ECG; try and embed this knowledge early on.
• Don’t overfill yourself too quickly with knowledge from these sections and press on too quickly on to the main body of the book.
Whenever you need to, take a break for a few days, or even longer. These initial sections may well take you, gently, a good few weeks to assimilate. Be quite certain that you understand them before you progress onwards to the more clinical sections of the book…

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